Saturday, February 1, 2014

Personal Recount for Chinese New Year

Name: Zhang Yining
Class: Perseverance 1
Date: 01/02/2014
Title: Personal Recount for CNY

Chinese New Year. How to explain? A traditional Chinese festival. China people celebrate chinese new year since thousands years ago, till now a lot of traditional custom are still keeping. I am as a Chinese. So I can more understand why Chinese people do things on chinese new year.

Fireworks. That is the thing that every home and family would do. China have a legend, the people use firecracker's loud sound to drive a monster away. The monster is called "Nian".This year I celebrate chinese new year in singapore, so I didn't hear one sound of the fireworks. I think Singapore didn't do that because the air-pollution. The firecrackers made a lot of flame.

Dumplings. This food is the one thing that chinese new year must have. I can promise china have 99% families will eat the dumping when chinese new year is coming. The dumping could have different types. The pork-celery one. the beef-carrot one and so on. Whatever you want to eat. Sometimes, we put coins in some dumpling. And the people who eat the coin-dumpling will have the good luck all the year. This year my mom make a lot of dumpling and she only put 6 coins in them. Finally, I got two! I was so happy. Hope that I will have a good lick all the year.

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