Sunday, April 20, 2014

International Friendship Day

Name: Zhang Yining
Class: Perseverance 1
Date: 20/04/2014
Title: International Friendship Day

The International Friendship Day is dedicated to the understanding of Singapore’s relations with the neighbouring countries and beyond. Singapore is a country with many culture and races. Singapore does not have natural resources like many of the neighbouring countries do, therefore one of the strong act that Singapore needs to cultivate is the good relations in term of geopolitical with the countries around. This is also one effort to introduce to children the concept of global citizen.

On International Friendship Day we can learn knowledge and to understand other races’ culture. It’s easier for us to communicate with other countries’ people by understanding their custom. The school had a lot of activities on that day. The students try colourful and unique dressing up from different cultures and background.  The parents bring traditional food to school for us to taste. We have a lot of fun.

Through this event, I understand more cultures about other countries. I realise there have a lot of advantages of cultivating good international friendship with other countries. We can make more friends and we can learn knowledge. That's good! I interested in this a lot.