Sunday, January 11, 2015

Personal Recount: An experience at food court draft 1

Title: An experience at a food court( Draft 1)
Name: Zhang Yining
Class: Respect 2
Date: 11/01/2015

This happened during a perfectly normal day, when my friends and I decided to have lunch outside of school. As was the norm during lunch hour, the food court was jam-packed. It was a horror just trying to get ourselves seats; we stood around for nearly half an hour, yet people around us moved so fast that we had no chance of getting those vacant seats. However, since we were not in a hurry, we waited patiently.

It seemed, however, that not everybody was as patient as we were. We heard a shout coming from the corner, and being the busybodies that we were, we hastened to check out what was happening.

Arriving at the scene, I swore that we could have planted our faces into our palms at the absurdity of the cause of the commotion. Apparently, someone who had used a packet of tissue paper to reserve the seats had his seat taken by another. The two of them were arguing wildly, hand waving and spittle flying everywhere. Their friends, however, seemed terrified at their sudden transformation into raging beasts, cowering behind them, unable to do anything to help the situation.

The gathering of the crowd did not help the matter too; it only seemed to escalate the tension as both parties refused to back down, fearing a loss pride should either of them lose their seats. The shouting match got worse, and finally, something happened that made the entire crowd gasp. One of them threw out a punch, connecting slightly with the other’s face.

Almost immediately, a huge man strode into the fray, pulling both men apart and taking control of the situation. The crowd, knowing that trouble would find them if they stayed any longer, quickly dispersed form the scene.

It was then that my friends and I realised that we had the entire table of seats to ourselves. As we sat on the hotly contested seats, we laughed amongst ourselves. Whoever said that arguments would never solve any problems?