Saturday, February 1, 2014

PACC letter(draft 2)

Name: Zhang Yining
Class: perseverance 1
Date: 01/02/2014
Title: PACC letter (draft 2, form spell, punctuation)

Block 344
Ang Mo Kio
Singapore 567741

Dear Tommy,

  How is the going in Australia? Today I got no extra lessons, so I just write a letter to you. I was just join the secondary school, so I need to adapt a lot of things. You're right in Australia? I think you did. You always make the family proud of you. Heard of that you got the scholarship in the universe again. Haha, congrats! Our mom and dad miss you a lot. So do I. These days Singapore happened a lot of things. The Little India Riot.
 On 8th Dec 2013, an Indian man called sakthival kumaravelu, 33 years old run over by a private bus. After the accident happened. Around 300 Indian people and a few Singaporeans gather. When the police came, someone who were drunk even throw the beer bottle and the trash to the police and burn 5 ambulances. The riot till 5 a.m almost cool off and end.

 I feel like the people were so impulse. And the matter was none of their business. And they just made the accident even bigger. Tommy, if you are in Singapore what will think about this matter, angry?  Hope the matter like this won't happen again. Mom, dad and I all go well. Don't worry. Love you.


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