Sunday, March 23, 2014


Name: Zhang Yining
Class: Perseverance 1
Date: 23/03/2014
Title: Reflection on English 

Now is the March holiday. The common test was over. My heart final put down. The English test is the worst score I got in all the subjects. In fact, this news made me really disappointment. I always hope to get a good score in English, but the fact is, I need to put more effort in English. As I am an international student studying in Singapore. I know that I need to focus more in classes all the time. Now it’s time to improve.

The English lesson went well for me in Term 1. The teacher always have some interesting topics for us to learn. The lessons are full of knowledge and fun. In term 1, I think my deficiency is that I did not participate the class a lot. Afraid to speak in front of all the classmates. Afraid to have some accent that the teacher and the student don't understand. Afraid of my English skills are not good enough.

For me, so much to think in my future. I am an international student, I should put more effort. What I can do now in English are these points: First, confident. Second, concentrate. Third, contribute.

Confident. I need to always think that I am the best in English. I should not be afraid to express my English skills. Try to speak more, learn more and understand more.

Concentrate. The problem most of the students have. The homework lie on the desk, but we choose to play my favourite games on the lap top. When the class is going, we choose to chat with the classmates. How can we concentrate in study? The decision is made by you.

Contribute. We all have a beautiful life. Why not contribute some good memories in our life. At least in studying. When you are old, just realise to study and read book. Everything is late. Now, is the perfect time for us to contribute in studying. Focus and focus.

I want to thank my English teachers. They teach our class really well. All the time is patient and careful. In Term 2, I think the teacher can help me in my vocabulary and composition. They are the weakness I have in English, but I have the confidence to overcome them. These are my reflection in Term 1. Hope my English will improve a lot in Term 2.